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I have worked with a number of USA armed forces veterans with various neurotoxicity problems. The neurotoxic consequences of modern warfare are a greatly underestimated source of nervous system dysfunction in today’s world.

The USA Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune has had an unusual problem with solvent-contaminated water, going back many years. Legislation has been passed by Congress to compensate these veterans for solvent neurotoxicity.

I recently served as an expert witness regarding a Camp LeJeune veteran. At issue was if the veteran had suffered brain dysfunction from military service-connected exposure to water-borne solvents many years ago.

I studied the exposure situation, reviewed the relevant legal parameters of the case, analyzed the claimant’s medical history, and provided neuropsychological testing.

I discovered that the claimant had indications of neurotoxicity beginning shortly after the onset of his solvent exposure. These symptoms continued throughout the years. The neuropsychological testing results were consistent with the veteran’s symptoms and exposure situation.

I concluded that the veteran suffered from a neurocognitive disorder resulting from his military-connected exposure to solvents many years ago, with on-going neurotoxic effects since his exposure.

I issued a report which the veteran submitted for adjudication. After the adjudicator reviewed my report, the veteran was awarded 100% disability compensation.

I am happy that I was able to help resolve this case that had been lingering for many years.

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