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I recently worked on a case of a person injured by psychiatric drugs (primarily Lexapro), which had been prescribed by psychiatrists and taken as directed.

The claimant had a complicated and extended history of psychiatric drug prescription, actually for a relatively minor anxiety condition that might have been successfully treated without drugs. However, he ultimately became neuropsychologically disabled.

In my examination of the claimant, I conducted extensive neuropsychological testing, which assisted in my diagnosis. I also reviewed the neurotoxicity of the psychiatric drugs that were involved in this case.

I wrote an extensive report of approximately 70 pages outlining my reasoning, tests results, and documentation of the drug’s toxicity patterns. I diagnosed the claimant with Toxic Encephalopathy (ICD 10 G92) and DSM-5 Substance/Medication Induced Major Neurocognitive Disorder (ICD F13.97).

Three months after the report was submitted to the claimant’s disability insurance carrier,  the claimant informed me that his application for long-term disability was accepted by his insurance carrier.

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