1. Telephone consultation
One way to begin engaging Dr. Singer’s services would be to set up an initial telephone consultation regarding your situation and options for the next step.
Dr. Raymond Singer is one of the world’s leading experts on neurobehavioral toxicology, neuropsychology, and toxic chemical effects on the nervous system. He is an excellent diagnostician, counselor, and communicator.
Dr.Singer has provided consultations and/or presentations to government agencies (state, federal; all branches, including  executive, legislative, justice and administrative), insurance companies, lawyers, and individuals.
A fifteen-minute telephone consultation is available for $75.  A 40-minute consultation is available for $150.

Payment can be by check, credit card or Paypal.  Using the Paypal buttons below is preferable in that it saves time. If you want to pay by credit card, and you do not want to use Paypal, then email me your complete credit card billing address and some days and times that you would like to set up a consult. When we begin the consult, I will run the credit card for approval.

15 Minute Telephone Consultation

40 Minute Telephone Consultation

2. Exposure History Questionnaire:
This questionnaire provides us information so that we may be able to offer a preliminary analysis of the possible brain and nervous system effects of your exposure situation. It is an important part of all of our clinical exams, consulting, and diagnostic procedures, as well as essential for forensic applications. By collating your information into this instrument, we can more readily analyze and prepare opinions regarding your health and the possible causes for health declines.

Obtaining a copy of the Exposure History Questionnaire:
Please complete this questionnaire on your computer using any word processing program, then e-mail the file to us for analysis. It is also possible, but not as preferable, to print out the file, and complete it by typewriter or handwriting. Either way, if you cannot email the file, you can either fax it to (877) 201-3456, or mail it.

We will analyze your responses and offer either a 30-minute telephone consultation  – or return a 1-2 page preliminary opinion. To get both the telephone consultation and the written opinion costs an additional $100. This takes about 2 weeks after we receive payment.

The report will be returned by e-mail, unless otherwise specified. The report should be completed within two weeks after payment.
Payment:  A fee of $250. Payment can be made using:
a. Check, money order sent to me by mail.
b. PayPal using the button below:

Exposure History Questionnaire

3. The Neurotoxicity Screening Survey

    • Is a 128 item questionnaire that evaluates if you have symptoms consistent with patients with diagnosed neurotoxicity.

    • It is designed for educational purposes, to help you identify possible causes of your illness.

    • Doctors have used the results to assist in their diagnosis of patients with chemical exposure.

    • Results are reported in 11 categories of symptoms in a one-page report.

    • The report costs $55, payable via Paypal.

    • After payment the test will be administered online and the results shown afterwards.

Neurotoxicity Screening Survey
I’ve paid – take me to the survey!

4. Examinations (diagnostic, forensic, etc). Contact our office for further information.

5. Litigation case review and forensic support. Contact our office for further information.

6. Research into the neurotoxicity of chemicals. Contact our office for further information.

8. Public speaking. College campuses, professional groups, industrial meetings.

10. The Neurotoxicity Guidebook, written by Dr. Singer, an excellent source of information, is available from fine booksellers everywhere, or, you can click the box below to purchase the book.

Neurotoxicity Guidebook