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“By 2050 an estimated 135 million people worldwide will have dementia. In 2010 the global cost of dementia care was estimated at $604bn (£396bn; €548bn) and estimated to increase to $1tr by 2030.1 Of all chronic diseases, dementia is one of the most important contributors to dependence and disability.2 3 In the absence of a cure, a professional belief that nothing can be done has contributed to delays in diagnosis.4 “ From: Dementia: timely diagnosis and early intervention. BMJ. 2015; 350: h3029. Published online 2015 Jun 16. doi:  10.1136/bmj.h3029PMCID: PMC4468575

Cognitive decline precedes the diagnosis of dementia, and is more prevalent than dementia.

Neurotoxicity is an important –  but often overlooked – cause of cognitive decline and dementia. A greater appreciation of the sensitivity of the brain to toxic chemicals in the environment can lead to a reduction of exposures to neurotoxicants, reduced brain toxicity and an improvement of brain health.

Adequate detection, diagnosis and treatment of the hidden epidemic of neurotoxicity can reduce the burden of dementia.

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